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NAP FOC Turkey Broadhead 170grains 3Pk.[NAP60970]

NAP FOC Turkey Broadhead 170grains 3Pk.

NAP FOC Turkey Broadhead 170grains 3Pk.[NAP60970]

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The F.O.C.™ (Freakin Outrageous Cut) is the first broadhead designed specifically for cross bow use, even out of today’s fastest 400+ feet per second crossbows. The broadhead has a monstrous 3” CUT in the open position (3-1/4” during hyper-cut mode), and a low profile 11/16” width in the closed position—so wind planing will never be a problem. The heads will group perfectly with the FREE practice points included in the package. Diamize blades are hair-shaving sharp and are a beefy .039” thick; tough enough to stand up to the worst punishment without failing. The advanced geometry means no deflection on higher angle shots. The FOC weighs 170 grains which brings the weight forward balance an ideal 15–20% without the use of special and expensive crossbow bolts that have brass inserts. This means laser-like accuracy and deeper penetration to drop game faster.

Mfg Number:  60-70