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Hunting decoys have been used for centuries to help hunters lure their prey. But hunting decoys don’t just come in the form of a duck or deer, there are also many different types of hunting decoy accessories available to help you get your prey.

What are Hunting Decoys?

The most common type of hunting decoy is an artificial bird. They help hunters by luring their prey close.

Artificial birds (like ducks or turkeys) are one form of hunting decoys, but there are other forms too, such as artificial deer. These will help to bring in the target species you’re looking for. Hunting decoys can be made from either acrylic or woven polyester fabric, paper, or foam. Some offer speed and movement, too. The speed of the model that you choose will depend on what it is used for.

How to Use Hunting Decoys

When you're on a hunt, you'll set up a hunting decoy (or decoys) in the same area. You'll want to place them in an area that has lots of trees and bushes nearby, so your prey feels like they have the freedom to approach. You also need to take into account what direction the wind is blowing from because this will affect how effective your decoy is when you're hunting. If you use scents with your decoys, you'll need to position your decoys in a way that will cause the wind to pick up the scent, and carry it towards your prey's nose.

Game You Can Hunt Using Decoys

Duck Decoys

Ducks are one of the most popular types of game to hunt. Decoys help attract them to the area you're in.

Geese Decoys

You'll want to set up your hunting decoys close together near water, vegetation or trees for optimal results when trying to lure in geese with hunting decoys. Geese feed by grazing on grasses at ground level, so they’re likely to come closer if they see some food nearby.

Turkey Decoys

When hunting turkeys, you may set up decoys so prey feels like there's freedom to approach them without feeling threatened by a predator. If turkeys feel like they have food nearby if they come closer to investigate what's going on.

Deer Decoys

Deer decoys are popular among hunters. Deer decoys can help attract them to the area you're hunting in, and help them feel more comfortable approaching. This makes hunting easier and more effective.

Elk Decoys

When hunting elk, you can set up decoys so your prey feels intrigued and wants to investigate. It’ll help attract elk closer to your hunting area, which will make it easier for you to get a clear shot at your target.

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