Recurve Bow Accessories

Recurve Bow Accessories

Recurve bow accessories are something that can make or break your bow. That's why it's important to take time and plan which ones you need and which ones just won't work for you. Before we get into that, here's an introduction to recurve bow accessories.

The number of accessories available on the market is overwhelming at times, but there are some basics that are a must-have for any recurve bow. Bow sights, stabilizers, string silencers, and release aids will all help make your shooting more accurate and quieter than ever before. And don't forget about the many arrow rests that are available!

Recurve bow accessories are normally split into two categories:

Olympic Bow Accessories

Olympic recurve bows are popular in the United States. The Olympic recurve bow is heavier and has a longer riser than the other types of bows. Recurve archers are able to capture more power with these bows because they have a longer draw length. This extra power helps to shoot arrows faster and farther. This type of archery is perfect for competing, and not just at the Olympic level!

Typical Olympic bow accessories are bow sights, stabilizers, and string silencers. Some of these accessories will help any archer improve their game, along with release aids, which are not necessary but do make it easier to shoot!

Traditional Bow Accessories

Traditional recurve bows are shorter in height and lighter in weight than your Olympic recurve bow. These types of bows are used for a variety of purposes. Traditional recurve bow accessories will offer an archer with more mobility and quieter shooting experience. Some traditional bow accessories include a quiver, a stand, and an arrow rest.


Quivers are a good choice for traditional bows and Olympic bows. Quivers should be made out of a light yet durable material such as leather so that the bow can easily fit. It's also important to make sure that the arrows fit your quiver so they don't get stuck.

String Silencers

String silencers are devices that can be put on a bow string to dampen the noise that it makes while shooting. They are typically made up of some sort of foam, such as rubber, or an elastomer. The purpose is to reduce the noise caused by the bowstring rubbing against the cables or pulleys. String silencers are usually between ½ inch and 2 inches in length.


Bow stabilizers are often used on the arrows that we use to shoot with a recurve bow. They either fit on the arrow or they're placed just behind the bow. The purpose of a stabilizer is to keep the arrow from whipping around too much while it's in flight. Stabilizers should be made out of a light yet durable material, and they'll come in various shapes and sizes depending on what you prefer. Some people like to attach their stabilizer to the arrow so that they don't have to worry about losing it when shooting. Others prefer for their stabilizer to sit right behind their bow so it can make contact without interfering with anything else. Regardless of which type you choose, a stabilizer will help keep your arrows steady.

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