Fletching Jigs & Tools

If you want to create your own arrows, you'll need a few tools. The first is a jig you can use to create uniformed arrow shafts, without the need for measuring. You can choose from many options, so you're bound to find the perfect jig for your workbench.

What Is a Fletching Jig?

A fletching jig is a device that holds an arrow shaft in place and allows you to accurately glue vanes to that shaft in a predetermined configuration. It is used to ensure that the vanes of a fan are spaced correctly on the shaft and follow a pattern of your choosing.

There are several different configurations available to the fletch jig user, depending upon your needs and preference. Jigs come in plastic and metal. They may be large, and some also come in a mini size that makes the jig easy to transport.

These tools make fletching your own arrows easier and may be cheaper than purchasing them already fletched or having a professional do it for you.

They are also easily adaptable to the needs of specific archers; whether they use specialized target shafts that differ from the standard arrow length, need different spacing patterns or have differently-shaped vanes.

Fletching your own arrows is a great way to take your archery hobby to the next level.

You can customize your arrows to a personal taste and feel the pride that you have made something for yourself.

It also allows you to affordably add or remove vanes or modify them during target practice in order to improve your accuracy.

Fletching Tools

You'll likely use many tools during the fletching process including jigs, clamps, tape, and glue. A scale will also come in handy. You may also use arrow insert tools or thread repair tools.

Fletching Glue

Most glues are available in liquid form, though you may choose to use a glue stick that requires melting. Many types of glue come with a precision tip to ensure a clean application.

You'll need special-purpose clamps to hold each vane in place as you bond it to the shaft and wait for the glue to dry.

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