Crossbows are an exciting way to hunt. They offer the accuracy and power of a gun and the thrill of an archery hunt all in one powerful weapon.

Hunting with a Crossbow

Hunting with a crossbow is one of the oldest methods of hunting animals. Today, it’s legal to use them across most of North America as long as you have a license and follow specific local rules.

The Benefits of Using a Crossbow for Hunting Versus Other Weapons

Crossbows are a silent weapon. You don't have to worry about scaring your game while you're hunting because this type of bow fires without making noise, unlike guns which can be heard from far away.

Crossbow hunting can be more challenging, too. They're heavy and require a bit more skill. To many, this is an exciting test of skill and endurance.

Crossbow Packages

A crossbow package can be a great way to save money. If you are looking for a bow, bolts, and accessories, the package will include all the accessories you need to get started hunting. This way you don't have to buy them all separately. 

How to Care for Your Crossbow

Check the Mechanical Integrity of Your Bow

It’s important to take care of your crossbow if you want the best performance.

The mechanical integrity of your bow is paramount to its performance, so it’s essential that you check the condition of this weapon every time before use. You can do a quick inspection by first examining the limbs and cables for excessive wear or damage, then checking the cams and pulleys for any problems with bearings or screws.

If everything looks good, go ahead and turn over your bow so you can examine the string (don't forget to remove any arrows from it first!). Look closely at each section of string where it's been secured onto each limb - these are easy places where fraying may occur.

Clean and Wax Your Bow on a Regular Basis

Cleaning your crossbow isn't difficult. Just make sure to use a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt or grime from your bow. If you have wax, apply some of it on the string.

You should also take this time to give all parts a good coat of oil (not too much!). This will keep your bow running smoothly and lubricate the moving parts to reduce friction and increase the accuracy of your shots. Make sure to clean and wax your crossbow regularly.

Keep Your Bolts in Good Shape

Your bolts and broadheads are an important part of your crossbow - after all, you're going to need them to get a kill. To make sure they suit your needs, always keep them and the nocks in good shape. Poor quality or broken bolts can impact your bowstrings and accuracy.

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