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Bow Cases & Archery Storage

Selecting the proper bow case for your individual needs is just as important as selecting a bow itself. It can often be overlooked, but choosing the correct case will greatly increase safety and reduce any risk of damage or loss to your expensive shooting equipment.

A high-quality bow case not only protects your investment in a bow and arrows but it can also provide a level of functionality tailored to you.

Choosing An Archery Case

At Bowhunters Superstore, we carry all types of bow cases and storage equipment for bowhunting. We have cases for compound bows, recurve bows, crossbows, quivers for arrows and bolts, and even cases to store your accessories.

Long Term Storage

When looking for a bow case with the goal of long-term storage, it is important to seek out a rugged and structured design that provides some extra protection around your precious bow.

This design also offers storage options to save space, like being able to stand in an upright position.

Travel Cases

When selecting a bow case, it's important to consider your travel plans. If you plan to take your bows on the road or a flight, having a light bow case with wheels and a handle can make the transport much easier.

Longer trips and flying with your equipment requires a case that has semi-structured or shell interior walls. This will protect it while it's being thrown around and stacked with other luggage. You should also consider the amount of handles and other pockets/storage compartments for holding your accessories and sights.

Compound Bow Cases

Target bow cases are specially designed to handle long compound bows, making them ideal for competitive target archers.

They are usually larger bow cases with padded and velcro dividers inside so that the bow will have its own secure spot and sometimes even designed to hold two bows.

In a target bow case, you should find plenty of pockets and room to store bow sights, strings, arrows, tools, and any other accessories. These give the competitor everything they need in one secure place.

Quivers and Quiver Accessories

Traditional quivers were often designed so a hunter could carry as many arrows as possible without hindering movement too much. Today there is a wide selection of well designed quivers and accessories for holding your arrows so you can shoot quickly and more efficiently. They can be worn on the archer's body, on their bow, or on the ground based on shooting style and preference.

We offer an extensive selection of arrow cases, quivers and storage accessories for keeping your arrows in the best condition possible.

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