What is Bowfishing?

As you may have guessed, bowfishing is hunting fish with a bow and arrow. It sounds simple enough, right? But there are some differences here and there to consider. At first glance, it's almost the same as hunting animals with a bow and arrow - but there are some key differences.

Bowfishing targets are typically closer than the ones found in the woods. With no need for long-range shooting skills, beginners find bowfishing very easy to get into. Not only that, but close quarter shooting allows for much of the specialized equipment to not be needed.

The Gear

When bowfishing, more often than not you will need specialty arrows. Bowfishing broadheads are made to kill fish, nothing else. These heads have the same angle of a regular broadhead but they are shorter so you can deploy them faster and they'll actually stay in the fish.

We offer a wide range of bowfishing bows and packages no matter what your skill level is! Whether you are just getting started and need a great starter bow or if you are an experienced hunter looking for a different angle to shoot from, we have a bow for you!

We also carry numerous bowfishing accessories to make your next hunt more enjoyable and successful.

Where Do I Go Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is not limited to any specific type of body of water, but it tends to be best in bodies that are shallow and transparent. Bowfishing can be done in freshwater or saltwater. Shallow flats and estuaries tend to work well as well.

Whether you’re standing from the shore or shooting from a boat, you need to be able to see the fish from the surface.

Tips For Bowfishing

In comparison to other fishing techniques, bowfishing isn't as difficult. With some time and patience, you can learn how to be just about as good at it as anyone else. Here are 2 tips for success:


Bowfishing takes place in shallow waters, generally with close range. However, fish, especially those in the water targeted for bowfishing, often spook from anything that comes near them. This is why moving into a target’s space undetected and unnoticed is key to success when shooting.


To become a master bowfisher, you have to understand the difference between where it looks like you should aim and the reflection of a fish in water. Once you get a hang of adjusting for aim for shooting into water, you'll be well on your way to becoming a master of this unique type of hunting.

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