Bow Sights & Accessories

Bow Sights & Accessories

Line up your perfect shot every time with our selection of quality bow sights and accessories for any type of bow. Our assortment includes hunting sights designed to help you make the best hunt possible with proven accuracy and durability, as well as bow sights for target shooting in competitive events.

Types of Bow Sights

Fixed Pin Sights

Fixed-pin sights are undeniably the most popular type of bow sight among hunters, with either an open or closed range. If you are looking for a sight to set up quickly and easily, make adjustments with little effort, or shoot at close range- then the fixed pin sight is what you should use. Fixed pin sights can be used on most hunting bows and when sighted in properly, are quite accurate.

There is still a range of variation for fixed pin sights with sight models that offer a single pin as well as multiple pins to choose from. Once you are comfortable with your distances using several pins, you may find your new favorite sight for hunting.

Moveable Pin Sights

Moveable pin sights allow for you to move a single pin to different locations on the bow sight depending on your needs. These sights are ideal if you don't like being restricted by a single pin set up and want more flexibility in where you can place the pin and see an accurate shot.

Adjusting the distance gauge and sliders allows you to customize your moveable-pin sight and make minor changes to the distance of where you are aiming. The best way to get a hang of these sights is just to practice using them.

Target Sights

Target sights are usually used in competitive archery settings, but tend to be too complex for hunting in the field. These sights are designed to be used with other aiming accessories (such as lasers or single pins) that can be attached for extreme accuracy.

These sights usually allow for adjustments to account for the direction of winds and elevation resulting in a more accurate shot for the most seasoned archers.

Scopes & Lenses

Scopes and lenses are mounted on the bow to help archers see their target better and are usually more effective from close range. These sights allow for a wider range of vision than other types, but not as much detail for height and distance.

These are also more commonly seen on crossbows rather than traditional bows due to their more simple design that does not allow for pins.

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