Arrows & Components

Arrows & Components

Arrows can come in complete form or by components. Components are parts of the arrow that can be fitted together in various ways to make arrows of different lengths or different weights.

Complete Arrows

Complete arrows are the simplest option. A complete arrow is an arrow shaft with a nock at the end and fletching on both sides of the shaft.

These arrows are ready-to-use right out of the box and can usually still be custom fitted with the components you prefer.


These components are used to build arrows in a variety of ways and all work together to help create a perfectly accurate shot.


Bushings are used to protect the back of your arrow. They come in a variety of styles and are made from different materials like plastic or metal. In terms of weight, they can be heavy or light to fit your nock and shaft properly.


Inserts are components glued to an arrow. They help to balance the arrow, reduce air resistance and add balance. After gluing an insert, target points and broadheads can then be screwed into the insert and they will be in perfect alignment.


Nocks are used as the part of the arrow that rests against the string of the bow. If your nock is too big, it could cause your shots to be inaccurate. If your nock is too small, this could cause your arrow to clip the string and cause the arrow to fall off before you are ready.


The most common arrow points are field points and broadheads. Field points are commonly used for target practice, while broadheads are used more for hunting. Broad heads have a sharp edge designed to penetrate through animal skin and muscle tissue.


Fletchings, or feathers as many people call them, help stabilize your arrow in flight and keep it on track throughout its entire path. The fletchings set the angle that the arrow will fly when shot from a bow.


Without vanes or feathers on the arrow, the arrow could whiz past your target. The vanes give the arrow its aerodynamics and help it travel through the air straight and true.


Arrow shafts are most commonly made from a hollow fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon fiber rod in order to keep the arrow light and agile. However, they can be made from wood if a heavier weight/penetration is needed.


Arrow wraps are used for customizing your arrows and making them stand out but also keeping your components held together.

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