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Wolf Fang

 WF78808   Wolf Fang Cable Stakes 12 Pack   Price 
  Wolf Fang Cable Stakes 12 Pack    Rest assured that your traps will stay set and anchored in all soil conditions with the Wolf Fang Cable Stakes and Driver. The stakes feature a large surface area and rugged 18" cable that stays in place once you've set it. Custom made for the Wolf Fang cable stakes, the anchor driver is 24" long, with a large nut welded to the top that provides a large striking surface. Available: 18" Cable Stakes – Per 12 Stake Driver – Per each  1: $19.99 

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 WF78809   Wolf Fang Stake Driver   Price 
  Wolf Fang Stake Driver    

Wolf Fang Earth Anchor Driver is two feet long with a nut welded on the top end. Bottom is slotted for anchor to slide on and be driven straight into the ground.

Mfr. #WFD-01 

 1: $15.99 

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