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 TG72226   TruGlo Accu-X Capture Bowfishing Rest Black   Price 
  TruGlo Accu-X Capture Bowfishing Rest Black    

Built with replaceable waterproof brushes for fast and easy arrow loading. Lightweight and compact design with full windage and elevation adjustments for right and left handed shooters.

Mfg Number: TG680B1

 1: $28.99 

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 TG72228   TruGlo Bowfishing Arrow Slides/Stops/Nocks 3 pk.   Price 
  TruGlo Bowfishing Arrow Slides/Stops/Nocks 3 pk.    

Easy to install slide system works on any 5/16” bowfishing arrow. Includes (3) nocks, (3) arrow slides, and (3) slide stops. Stop system is compatible only with TruGlo bowfishing rests or other circular brush style rests.

Mfg Number:TG147A1

 1: $14.99 

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 TG144AP   TruGlo Bowfishing Nock Green, 6Pk.   Price 
  TruGlo Bowfishing Nock Green, 6Pk.    

Contoured string groove improves arrow release. High-visibility green stands out in a variety of water and lighting conditions. 6 pack.

Mfg Number: TG144A1

 1: $5.99 

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 TG140FP   TruGlo Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow w/Point   Price 
  TruGlo Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow w/Point    

Premium grade, hardened stainless steel tip.
250 grain point with pivoting barb for quick fish removal and improved penetration.
Premium fiberglass high-visibility florescent colored shaft.
Ultra-slim nock diameter improves accuracy.
Most arrow slides can be easily installed over the nock.

Mfg Number: TG140F3G

 1: $15.99 

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 TG74255   TruGlo Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow with Slide and Stop   Price 
  TruGlo Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow with Slide and Stop    

Fluorescent green fiberglass bowfishing arrow with Speed Shot stainless steel bowfishing point and TruGlo Safety Slide system. Point features a hardened stainless steel tip and pivoting barb for easy fish removal.

Mfg Number: TG140C1G

 1: $24.99 

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 TG74039   TruGlo Spring Shot Bowfish Kit   Price 
  TruGlo Spring Shot Bowfish Kit    

Kit includes (2) Speed Shot bowfishing arrows and the Spring Shot bowfishing rest.

Mfg Number: TG140F1G

 1: $44.99 

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 TG72227   TruGlo Spring-Shot Bowfishing Rest Black   Price 
  TruGlo Spring-Shot Bowfishing Rest Black    

Bowfishing rest offers fast and easy arrow loading with a durable stainless steel spring coil for total arrow containment. Adjustable for windage and elevation on right and left handed bows.

Mfg Number: TG690B1

 1: $22.99 

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