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 S47400408   Saunders Bow Tip Protector.   Price 
  Saunders Bow Tip Protector.    

Saunders Bow Tip Protector

The old stand-by. Fits all bows. Holds string in place. Protects bow tip. Soft rubber. Fits onto recurve and long bows.

Mfg Number: 0408

 1: $5.49 

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 S1738   Saunders No-Twist Recurve Bow Stringer   Price 
  Saunders No-Twist Recurve Bow Stringer    

Saunders No-Twist Recurve Bow Stringer 

Eliminate twisting of limbs while stringing bow. Top limb gripper fits below string loop allowing full. easy access to upper limb. Non-marring gripper will not damage limbs. Tough, nylon braid can be used on bows up to 70 lbs. Always use safety glasses when stringing a bow.

Mfg Number: 1418

 1: $13.99 

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