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 THP60613   Trophy Hunting Products Back Seat Bowsling   Price 
  Trophy Hunting Products Back Seat Bowsling    

Attaches to the back of your vehicle seat. Allows you to easily transport your bow to and from the hunt without losing any space in your vehicle. It has a large pocket for storing your bow hunting accessories. No need to remove your quiver and arrows. Fits any bucket or console style seat with a headrest. Made of heavy duty cordura material.

Mfg Number: BBS-3988

 1: $22.99 

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 THPBS0375P   Trophy Hunting Products Stalker Bow Sling Copper Head Camo   Price 
  Trophy Hunting Products Stalker Bow Sling Copper Head Camo    

The Stalker Bow Sling, is a must for any bow hunter or archery shooter. It is great for carrying your bow around on the hunt, range, or hanging up in the stand or for storage. It is light weight and extremely durable, it can also be used as a game drag, NO Snaps or Velcro, with a little practice you can take your bow in and out of the Stalker Bow Sling without ever looking at, and it is noise free, with no effort.
Deadly Silent, and Simple to use.
To install your bow, place the sling over your should and neck, bringing it across your chest and back, then just slide the rubber boots up on the sling, place the cam of the bow in the back loop on the bow sling, then slide the boot down too or close the string of your bow, then repeat for the other cam on the bow, it that easy.

Mfr. # SBS-0375


 1: $44.99 

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