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 WTR78540   Whitetail'r ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag   Price 
  Whitetail'r ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag    

Simply put your gear in and turn on the ScentPURGE unit and kill odors overnight. The BigMOUTH design opens wide and stays openlike a tote, only better. Includes a ScentPURGE 50 plus. With power plugs for both your home and vehicle. Built tough and weather resistant with taped seams and rip stop lining.

Mfr. #405

 1: $92.99 

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 WTR65875   Whitetail'r ScentPURGE Odor Eliminator 270+   Price 
  Whitetail'r ScentPURGE Odor Eliminator 270+    

Eliminates odors in homes, campers, cabins, and large storage areas up to 400 square feet. Runs on any 120v household outlet. Ideal for use in RV’s and larger indoor storage areas or rooms.

Mfr. #402 

 1: $91.99 

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 WTR65874   Whitetail'r ScentPURGE Odor Eliminator 50+   Price 
  Whitetail'r ScentPURGE Odor Eliminator 50+    

Kill alarming odors dead in their tracks before you enter the woods. Ideal for storage totes, gear bags, closets, and your truck. Covers up to 80 sq. ft. Comes complete with power cords for both your hunting vehicle and household outlets.

Mfr. #401 


 1: $36.99 

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 WTR65873   Whitetail'r ScentPURGE Odor Eliminator Auto   Price 
  Whitetail'r ScentPURGE Odor Eliminator Auto    

Attacks odors continually with the power of ozone. Kills odors such as human, tobacco, food, pet, and much more. On/Off button, blue light indicates on. Plugs into your cars 12V outlet.

Mfr. #409 


 1: $18.99 

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