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 RAM33034   Ram Micro Adjustable Bow Vise.   Price 
  Ram Micro Adjustable Bow Vise.    

Ram Micro Adjustable Bow Vise.

Micro adjustable bow vice allows both X and Y-axis micro-adjustments by a simple turn of one knob for each axis, features a full 360 degree rotation of the bow, clamps on to the bow limb with a c-style clamp, it is without a doubt the easiest, fastest and most user friendly bow vice ever produced.

 1: $183.99 

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 RAM73855   Ram Pro Bow Vise   Price 
  Ram Pro Bow Vise    

Ram Pro Bow Vise.

This heavy duty pro shop quality bow vise mounts to any table or work bench. It allows the bow to swivel 360 degrees and the bow can also turn 90 degrees to the bench so you can work on either side of the bow. The vertical and horizontal movement is micro-adjustable. Heavy duty clamps hold the bow firmly while you do your setup or repair.

 1: $119.99 

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