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NuFletch APE Vane System Standard Offset Red 6pk. with 6 Lighted


NuFletch APE Vane System Standard Offset Red 6pk. with 6 Lighted

NuFletch Arrow Performance Enhancement Vane System Standard (Offset) Red 6pk. with 6 Lighted Nocks Included  

Gives the archer the ability to exchange single or multiple vanes instantly in the field or the range, complete breakdown of fletching for ease of travel, instant color change, easily transferable to a new shaft in the event of shaft damage, season to season easy vane replacement for a brand new arrow in an instant. Instant fletch system in Standard (offset) fletch slots, for standard diameter carbon arrow shafts. 1.7" vanes.
Swiss precision machined fletch bodies made from select 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Precision 120° milled fletch slot spacing allows for precision fletch alignment. The Standard APE Tails install on most standard carbon hunting shafts (250, 300, 350, 400 & 500 series shafts with  .280-.305 OD- see Product Selection Guide on mfg web site) by cutting down the nock end of your arrow shaft approximately  2.75" (NOT including nock - see Installation Demo on mfg web site), then threads to the shaft using the arrow's required RPS Inserts (Common Aluminum Insert), the same as your field point or broad head uses to thread to the front of the shaft. The quick thread end nock caps allow easy single or multiple vane replacement instantly without the use of tools. Achieve instant fletching on your arrow and guarantee Flatter shooting, More Accurate arrow with Deeper Penetration! Each package of Standard APE Arrow Tails includes 6 Fletch Bodies, 6 Nock Caps, 6 fully indexable lighted nocks, 6 battery light sticks to light the nocks and 23 Vanes (the extras are for your first 5 replacements!). 

Mfg Number: NUFL-H3030-RED-6LN
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