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 KN900100P   Knight Brass Powder Measure.   Price 
  Knight Brass Powder Measure.    

Knight Brass Powder Measure.

Solid brass, eliminates the waste of excess powder in three steps; place measure inside unique spout on flask, push button and shake, release button. You have a perfectly measured charge with no spills.

Mfg Number:  M900100

 1: $39.99 

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 KN900071P   Knight Rifles Bullet Starter T-Handle Fiber-Lite   Price 
  Knight Rifles Bullet Starter T-Handle Fiber-Lite    

Knight Rifles Bullet Starter T-Handle Fiber-Lite.

Knight's fiber-lite T-handle bullet starter is designed to make loading a breeze. Designed to get the bullet started down the muzzle by using the extension, these are "must have" tools for any muzzleloading hunter whether you are a novice or an expert.

Mfg Number: M900071

 1: $5.99 

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 KN900050P   Knight Rifles Fiber-Lite Speed Shells, 3Pk.   Price 
  Knight Rifles Fiber-Lite Speed Shells, 3Pk.    

Knight Rifles Fiber-Lite Speed Shells, 3Pk.

With the Knight Fiber-Lite Speed Shells, you can always have one complete load ready for fire. This unique shell holds powder charge in one end and sabot/bullet projectiles in the other. The integrated short starter assists in starting the bullet into the rifle. Package of 3.

Mfg Number: M900050

 1: $13.99 

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 KN900070P   Knight Rifles Multi-Purpose Bullet Starter   Price 
  Knight Rifles Multi-Purpose Bullet Starter    

Knight Rifles Multi-Purpose Bullet Starter.

The M-P (Multi-Purpose) portion of its name sets it apart from all others because of the many functions it can perform when used in conjunction with the ramrod. Besides being a bullet starter, you can use the hollowed out portion of the handle to slip over the ramrod to use as an assist handle to drive and set the bullet on the powder charge. You can remove the handle and screw it into your ramrod for use at the range as a palm saver.

Mfg Number:  M900070

 1: $19.99 

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