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 MAD71056   MAD Shady Baby Feeding Hen Decoy   Price 
  MAD Shady Baby Feeding Hen Decoy    

Natural feeding position hen decoy with detailed paint scheme. Compactible body made from durable vinyl resin. Includes universal decoy stake.

Mfg Number: MD-710

 1: $34.99 

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 MAD73200   MAD Smoky Baby Turkey Decoy   Price 
  MAD Smoky Baby Turkey Decoy    

MAD Smoky Baby Turkey Decoy

Upright decoy matches the gray color phase of a hen turkey. Lightweight design allows the decoy to move and pivot with a light breeze. Collapsible construction with universal decoy stake.

Mfg Number: MD-720


 1: $34.99 

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 MAD74926   MAD Spin-N Strut Motion Turkey Decoy   Price 
  MAD Spin-N Strut Motion Turkey Decoy    

The MAD answer to upping the game against springtime Toms. The simple, reliable pull-string operation of the Spin-N-Strut allows you to now entice a gobbler to come pick a fight with controlled decoy movement. Here's the perk: no electronics, no noise, and no batteries means all natural "tomfoolery". Read and respond after a quick 30-second setup to the body language of an approaching longbeard with cam-actuated body rotation and a full range of fantail positions. Pull the string from your position in cover and the fantail slowly rises as the body simultaneously rotates. Release the tension and the decoy resets.

It's one thing to grab the attention of a roaming gobbler with a hen call, but to seal the deal, the Spin-N-Strut motion ramps up the realism of the trap you're trying to set to a whole new level. The call brings them in close, the Spin-N-Strut coaxes them in for a final bout. The only difference between the Spin-N-Strut and the bird now in your sights is a heartbeat.

  • Quick 30-second deployment
  • 90-degree body rotation
  • Half to full strut fantail movement
  • Lightweight foam construction with ultra-realistic paint scheme
  • Reinforced proprietary head built to withstand attacks
  • High-definition photo printed fantail
  • Universal tail clip accepts real fantails
  • Decoy proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Includes decoy, synthetic fantail, synthetic beard, universal fantail clip, powder-coated steel swivel stake, pull string with handle and instruction sheet

Mfg Number: MD-735

 1: $152.99 

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 MAD71057   MAD Walking Tom Turkey Decoy   Price 
  MAD Walking Tom Turkey Decoy    


Natural active posed Tom turkey decoy with a convenient collapsible design and durable vinyl resin construction. Beard and wing grommets allow you to use a real beard or wings on this decoy to enhance realism. Includes imitation beard and universal decoy stake.

Mfg Number: MD-715


 1: $40.99 

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