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 EV10947   Evolved Deer Co-Cain Mix 6.5 lbs   Price 
  Evolved Deer Co-Cain Mix 6.5 lbs    

The original habit forming powder. A beneficial attractant based on the undying desire of deer to find and consume calcium and sodium. The highly active sodium and calcium react with moisture to release vapors that attract deer that desire nutritional supplements. Once activated deer will lick, paw eat the soil...consuming the needed minerals. 6.5LB bag.

Mfg Number: 26592

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 1: $12.99 

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 EV19497   Evolved Habitat Bait Station Bear Bait 32oz   Price 
  Evolved Habitat Bait Station Bear Bait 32oz    

Liquid attractant that concentrates the odor of a pile of jelly donuts into a 32 oz. bottle. May be used over top your bait or alone by itself.

Mfg Number: 43203

 1: $13.99 

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