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Lumenok Lighted Nock Red S Nock 1pk.


Lumenok Lighted Nock Red S Nock 1pk.

Lumenok Lighted Nock Red S Nock 1pk.

The Lumenok Signature nock is activated upon the shot to allow archers to follow the path of their arrow. This model Lumenok allows for the battery to be easily changed to ensure bright operation. No magnets required for activation. This Lumenok is made using a Signature Nock from Bohning.Features
  • Replaceable Battery - Polymeric battery holder allows for battery replacement and protection against failure due to hard impacts! Also reduces total weight by 7 grains!
  • The Lumenok is a lighted arrow nock used for shot placement recognition & arrow retrieval.
  • Lumenok Signature Green lighted arrow nock fits .245" ID carbon shafts
Approved Models Per Manufacture
  • PSE: Carbon Force Radial X Weave
  • Carbon Tech: Cheetah, Whitetail, Rhino, Safari
  • Easton: Lightspeed, Powerflight
  • Beman: ICS Hunter
  • Carbon Express shafts: Aramid, Maxima, CX Hunter, Heritage
NOTE: Lumenoks work best with All carbon shafts. Performance with carbon wrapped shafts is marginal

Choose the right Nock for your Shaft Click Here to view Lumenok Chart

Note* All Burt Coyote Lumenoks are warrantied by Burt Coyote Company for performance & Defects. Consumers must contact the Burt Coyote Company for all returns, No Exceptions.  

Mfg Number: SL1

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