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Lansky Sharpeners

 LANSKY64848   Lansky Blade Medic Sharpener   Price 
  Lansky Blade Medic Sharpener    

Lansky Blade Medic Sharpener 

The first responder for field repairs on all types of knife blades, able to tackle regular or serrated blades and gut hooks, features Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic sharpening rods, serrated knife sharpener, a Diamond tapered rod.
Mfg Number:  PS-MED01
 1: $10.49 

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 LANSKY64845   Lansky Bowsharp Bowhunter Tool   Price 
  Lansky Bowsharp Bowhunter Tool    

Lansky Bowsharp Bowhunter Tool  

This multifunctional and easy to use tool was designed with the serious compound and crossbow enthusiast in mind, features 5 different essential tools for archers combined into one easy-to-use portable package, sharpens broadheads safely with greater accuracy and superior results, collapsible tool kit integrated into the handle, make quick and easy work of any adjustments to a bow at camp or in the field.
Mfg Number: BSHARP
 1: $10.99 

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 LANSKY64846   Lansky Broadhead Arrow Sharpener w/Wrench   Price 
  Lansky Broadhead Arrow Sharpener w/Wrench    

Lansky Broadhead Arrow Sharpener w/Wrench  

A safe, easy, and compact tool that makes fast work of three different tasks: locks broadheads safely for tightening or replacement, sharpens broadheads, and can be used to touch up knives.
Mfg Number:  LTCBH
 1: $6.49 

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 LANSKY65444   Lansky Delux 5 Stone Sharpening System   Price 
  Lansky Delux 5 Stone Sharpening System    

Lansky Delux 5 Stone Sharpening System

The knife clamp holds the knife in place while its guide holes maintain angle consistency when sharpening. Provides superior results regardless of knife sharpening experience. Rubber padded jaws prevent scratching. Lansky sharpening angles are 30, 25, 20 and 17 degree. Kit includes Honing oil, one guide rail per hone, extra course, course, medium, fine and ultra-fine hones. 

Mfg Number: LKCLX
 1: $39.99 

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 LANSKY72401   Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turnbox   Price 
  Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turnbox    

The Turn Box family is a very stable and compact knife sharpening system. It works well in the kitchen and it quickly breaks down for storage in a drawer. The turn box family of knife sharpeners is also great for outdoorsmen on the go because it is lightweight and stores easily into a backpack. It only takes a few swipes to maintain an edge. There are two pre-set knife sharpening angles in the wood block 20 degree and 25 degree. This two stage knife sharpening system features a hardwood turnbox with internal rod storage in the base, two 5" long medium diamond rods (600 grit), and two 5" long fine ceramic rods (1000 grit).

Mfg Number: TB-2D2C
 1: $26.99 

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 LANSKY72400   Lansky Quadsharp Sharpener   Price 
  Lansky Quadsharp Sharpener    

Maintain your knives in the field to the exact angle you set with your Lansky Kit. Featuring the same four angles as the Lansky Controlled Angle System, 17, 20, 25 and 30 degree for the perfect portable sharpening accessory. The built-in ceramic polishing benchstone also allows the QuadSharp to be used as a fully functional, standalone sharpening solution.

Mfg Number: QSHARP
 1: $13.99 

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 LANSKY64836   Lansky Standard Sharpening System   Price 
  Lansky Standard Sharpening System    

Lansky Standard Sharpening System 

Standard 3-stone precision knife sharpening system, alumina oxide and ceramic, includes course (120 grit), medium (280 grit), and fine hones (600) grit), safe, easy, and convenient to use, designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge every time, kit includes: knife clamp, hones, guide rod for each honing stone, honing oil, extra long knife clamp screws, and a custom molded storage/carrying case.
Mfg Number: LKC03
 1: $28.99 

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 LANSKY72402   Lansky Tri-Stone Benchstone   Price 
  Lansky Tri-Stone Benchstone    

The Tri-Stone Benchstone is the most versatile 3 Stone Sharpener available, harnessing the best of 3 worlds: Diamond, Alumina-Oxide and Ceramic. The full diamond surface is the fastest way to reset an edge. The long lasting Alumina-Oxide and Ceramic surfaces are used for sharpening and finishing. The result is a standalone sharpening center that will do it all, with better versatility than other similar products and last longer doing it. All sharpening surfaces measure 2" x 6". The sturdy plastic base boasts a wide footprint with low-profile and non-slip rubber feet giving the Lansky Tri-Stone Benchstone greater stability, resulting in greater user satisfaction. Screw holes included in base for easy bench mounting.

Mfg Number: BS-TR100
 1: $45.99 

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