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Hunter Safety System

 HSS55955   Hunter Safety Systems Glow Clips 16pk.   Price 
  Hunter Safety Systems Glow Clips 16pk.    

Hunter Safety Systems Glow Clips 16pk.

Get you safely into and out of the woods. Bright orange color with reflective tab for easy location when hit with light. Clip quick and easily to tree branches, tall grasses. Clip to your harness for easy finding when traveling to and from stand or blind. Can be used for yardage markers and blood trailing a downed animal.
Mfg Number: GC-16
 1: $6.49 

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 HS63916   Hunter Safety Systems Night-n-Day Trail Markers   Price 
  Hunter Safety Systems Night-n-Day Trail Markers    

Trail marker alternatives to ribbon and tacks. They clip on to branches, limbs, etc and provide amazing visibility both during the day and at night.

Mfg Number: HSS-ND X10

 1: $7.99 

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