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 HTM64112   HTM Inline Release   Price 
  HTM Inline Release    

This release can be used for back tension or hunting. Designed to shrink your groups. The trigger is in line with the hook which is in line with the string which enables you to pull straight back with no deflection. The hook itself is designed with relief on the tip of the hook 360 degrees so when the release goes off there will be no interference with the loop.

Mfr. REL2007 


 1: $120.99 

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 HTM76941   HTM The Curley Release 3 Finger   Price 
  HTM The Curley Release 3 Finger    

Handheld release is fired by pushing the thumb forward while pulling back on the release. The push-pull concept allows the release to fire with very little pressure. In-line design eliminates hand torque for a smoother shot. Thumb lever can be pulled back to act as a safety during the draw. Includes wrist strap.

Mfr. #TC2017


 1: $119.99 

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