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 HS47000   Hind Sight Center Shot 2X Green.   Price 
  Hind Sight Center Shot 2X Green.    

Hind Sight Center Shot 2X Green.

Sight features two fiber optic cables suspended in a magnifying lens. Your front pins as well as your down range target will be enlarged for superior target acquisition. The 2X power lens is made from optical grade polycarbonate material with fiber optic cable in green .019". The illuminating dots define an open area in the center of the lens where your front sight pin will be positioned. The lens retainer has a 1.25" inside diameter for a wide field of view and also includes a battery operated LED to hi-light the illuminating dots for low light conditions.

Mfg Number: HS027

 1: $70.99 

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 HS79109   Hind Sight Eclipse Bowsight 5 Pin   Price 
  Hind Sight Eclipse Bowsight 5 Pin    

The Eclipse combines the Magnum rear sight with a Tru Glo Tru-Site Extreme front sight together on one mounting bracket. The front sight comes with three Tru Glo fiber optic sight pins in red, green, yellow with .029 fibers. Rear sight features a glow in the dark shooters ring and crosshairs for ease of aligning the two sights.

Mfg Number: HS021

 1: $128.95 

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 HS19653   Hind Sight Extreme Sight.   Price 
  Hind Sight Extreme Sight.    

Hind Sight Extreme Sight.

Add on rear sight eliminates the need for a traditional string peep and is compatible with any fixed pin sight. Mounting bracket extends front sight forward creating more distance between sights for optimum accuracy. Prevents bow torque and misalignment. Drilled and tapped to except quiver. Right Hand/ Left Hand-universal.

Mfg Number: HS003

 1: $42.99 

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 HS16548   Hind Sight II Sight RH/LH Black   Price 
  Hind Sight II Sight RH/LH Black    

Hind Sight II Sight RH/LH Black

The second generation Hind Sight features a Pivot Arm, that allows for a greater range of anchor positions and also permits separate adjustments for windage and elevation.  The Hind Sight and Hind Sight II match up best with fixed pin front sights that employ round pin guards in the 1-5/8" or less inside diameter range. Weight 1.8 oz.

Mfg Number: HS002

 1: $30.99 

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 HS26705   Hind Sight Magnum Sight.   Price 
  Hind Sight Magnum Sight.    

Hind Sight Magnum Sight.

This model features a 25% larger rear sight ring for a greater field of view. The cross hairs are thicker in depth making them sturdier for those hunts in rugged terrain. The larger surface area of the cross hairs also allow them to absorb more light when charging for greater visibility in low light. The Magnum matches up best with round pin guards with an inside diameter of 1-3/4" or larger.

Weight 1.8 oz.

Mfg Number: HS008

 1: $33.99 

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 HS35119   Hind Sight Twilight Sight RH/LH Yellow Rear Mount Sight   Price 
  Hind Sight Twilight Sight RH/LH Yellow Rear Mount Sight    

Hind Sight Twilight Sight RH/LH Yellow Rear Mount Sight 

Large Magnum sight ring with glow in the dark horizontal pointers that are tipped with extra long fiber optic cable, sitting on a bed of glow in the dark tape for added visibility during low light conditions. Available in green, hunters orange, and yellow. Although our add-on models will work well with most fixed pin front sights. They marry up best with front sights that have round or half round pin guards. In line vertical pins work just as well as horizontal pins.  Weight 1.8 oz. Yellow.

Mfg Number: HS020

 1: $38.99 

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 HS47003   Hind Sight Twilight Xtreme Green Pin Sight.   Price 
  Hind Sight Twilight Xtreme Green Pin Sight.    

Hind Sight Twilight Xtreme Green Pin Sight.

Sight has an aluminum mounting bracket that extends your front sight forward allowing the sighting system to become more sensitive to bow torque leading to a steadier hold for increased accuracy. The mounting bracket is slotted so that the main frame can travel laterally beneath the anchor block allowing for a wide range of positioning of both sights. The anchor block is drilled & tapped for attaching your favorite arrow quiver. Twilight rear aperture in green.

Mfg Number: HS031

 1: $50.99 

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