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Gold Tip Valkyrie XT Arrow 400 4 Fletch 6 pk.


Gold Tip Valkyrie XT Arrow 	400 4 Fletch 6 pk.

Features aggressive graphics with a lightweight carbon construction for increased speed. Straightness tolerance of +-.003", Weight tolerance of +-2 gr. Available in sizes 300 (8.8 GPI), 340 (8.2 GPI), 400 (7.4 GPI), 500 (6.3 GPI), and 600 (5.9 GPI). Includes nocks and inserts. Factory four-fletched with 2.75" low profile vanes for increased broadhead accuracy.

Mfg Number:VALXT400A2746

If you would like the arrows cut and /or inserts installed (the install fee includes the price for the inserts) see options below. Correct arrow/shaft length is measured from the throat (String hole) of the nock to the end of the bare shaft, not including point or insert. See Picture on home page of the arrow/shaft measurement. 

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1 (+$5.00)

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