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 VT14684P   VaneTec Headlock AntiVibe Threadlock 1ml, 6 pk.   Price 
  VaneTec Headlock AntiVibe Threadlock 1ml, 6 pk.    Field tips and broadheads loosen constantly causing noise and affecting accuracy.
HeadLock freezes components in place quieting any bolt-on component.
 1: $6.99 

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 VT56135   VaneTec VT-2000 Adhesive .7 oz. bottle   Price 
  VaneTec VT-2000 Adhesive .7 oz. bottle    

VaneTec VT-2000 Adhesive .7 oz. bottle

Fletching adhesive features rapid fixture time that allows etching into the vane surface for quick drying time which prevents vane curling. Rapid drying in cool weather and low humidity conditions. Works on difficult surfaces, including glossy shafts. Perfect viscosity for applying a small bead.

 1: $11.99 

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