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 PIT7432P   Pittman Magnum Crow Call   Price 
  Pittman Magnum Crow Call    Pittman Magnum Crow Call 

Its loud volume makes the perfect crow call. Realistic crow sound great for locating boss gobblers. Hardwood body and extra loud.

Mfg Number: PP804

 1: $13.99 

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 PIT7433P   Pittman Owl Hooter   Price 
  Pittman Owl Hooter    Pittman Owl Hooter 

Realistic barred owl sounds great for locating gobblers. This high-volume hooter features an injection-molded body.

Mfg Number: PP806

 1: $9.99 

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 PIT7727P   Pittman Two Face Aluminum Pot Call   Price 
  Pittman Two Face Aluminum Pot Call    

Pittman Two Face Aluminum Pot Call

  • It has a unique blend of 2 different types of wood and anodized aluminum.
  • You can reproduce several different tones that are unique to aluminum including its "high frequency sound".
  • With a turn of the striker and moving around the surface of the pot, a variety of hen calls can be reproduced.

Mfg Number:  PP311

 1: $34.99 

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 PIT7430P   Pittman Two Face Box Call   Price 
  Pittman Two Face Box Call    Pittman Two Face Box Call 

Leave it to Preston to... "Get out of the traditional box". This new breed of box call is truly unique. With its two completely different types of wood, maple and purple heart, this call is actually 4 calls in 1. One quick change of this box call lid from one end of the chassis to the other, takes a hunter to an entirely new level in turkey hunting. Call options include: Purple heart over purple heart, purple heart over maple, maple over maple, or maple over purple heart. Four hen sounds... one call.

Mfg Number: PP401

 1: $39.99 

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 PIT7728P   Pittman Two Face Glass Pot Call   Price 
  Pittman Two Face Glass Pot Call    

Pittman Two Face Glass Pot Call

  • Two completely different types of wood come together as one caller with many different sounds.
  • By turning striker and/or either pot a whole flock of birds can be achieved.
  • This will achieve only the mix of sounds unique to glass.

Mfg Number: PP313

 1: $34.99 

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 PIT7726P   Pittman Two Face Slate Pot Call   Price 
  Pittman Two Face Slate Pot Call    

Pittman Two Face Slate Pot Call

  • Just like the Two Face box call, the Two Face slate is the first of its kind.
  • Using 2 completely different kinds of wood, "hard purple heart and medium soft maple", this call obtains 2 different sounds with little practice.
  • Not only is the pot 2 different types of wood, but so is the striker.
  • By playing the call on each side of striker and pot the different sounds are achieved.

Mfg Number:  PP309

 1: $34.99 

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 PIT7431P   Pittman Working Girl Slate Pot Call   Price 
  Pittman Working Girl Slate Pot Call    Pittman Working Girl Slate Pot Call

Made from the highest grade PA slate with many hours spent on research in the blends of materials that go into the pot. Working Girl will give you the most subtle, mellow, sweet clucks, purrs and yelps that only high-grade slate can reproduce. Working Girl will also come to life when called on for those sharp cuts, cackles and aggressive turkey calling. This is your "Go-To" pot call. Preston's scuff pad included.

Mfg Number: PP312

 1: $26.99 

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