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 CM14075P   CallMasters All-N-One Super Squirrel Call   Price 
  CallMasters All-N-One Super Squirrel Call    

CallMasters All-N-One Super Squirrel Call.

• One call does it all.
• Alarm barks, young squirrel Distress. Whistles, Chatters and squeals.
• Calls Gray and Fox Squirrels.

Mfg Number: CM075

 1: $16.99 

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 CM15179P   CallMasters Bowhunter Cow Coaxer Call ( formerly the " Bite Me Elk Call " )   Price 
  CallMasters Bowhunter Cow Coaxer Call ( formerly the " Bite Me Elk Call " )    

CallMasters Bowhunter Cow Coaxer Call

Experienced hunters know that getting caught holding or "squeezing" and elk call can cost you a shot of a lifetime, but the Bite Me Cow solves that problem. Just hold its soft mouthpiece in your teeth and blow. Instantly you're making realistic Elk whines and aggressive cow fight and hyper sounds.  ( formerly the " Bite Me Elk Call " )

Mfg Number: 179

 1: $13.99 

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 CM11155P   CallMasters Bowhunters BUC-N-DOE Deer Call   Price 
  CallMasters Bowhunters BUC-N-DOE Deer Call    

Hands Free Grunt & Bleat Call for Bowhunters


  • Separate, Removable Grunt And Doe Bleat Cartridges That Fit Inside Your Mouth.
  • Two Great Call Designs In One: "Hands-Free", In-Mouth Cartridges & a Tube-Style Deer Call.
  • Six Great Call Sounds in One: "Plain Buck Grunts", "Contact Calls", "Aggressive Grunts", "Hot Doe Bleats", "Tending Grunts", and "Distress Bawls."

Mfg Number: CM155

 1: $15.99 

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 CM11200P   CallMasters Buck Kicker Rattle Bag   Price 
  CallMasters Buck Kicker Rattle Bag    

CallMasters Buck Kicker Rattle Bag.

We invented Rattler Bags in 1985, and now we've made them better and easier to use!

Belt Hung System For One-Handed Rattling Convenience.

NEW Bone Core™ Polymer Rods For Added Realism, and They're Waterproof.

New Super Elastic Camo Self-Silencing Sleeve. Flexes Smoothly During Use Then Snaps Tight To Silence Contents When You Stop.

NEW Open Fabric Weave Gets The Sound Out Better And Louder.

Mfg Number: CM200

 1: $15.99 

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 CM15194P   CallMasters Hyper Hot Cow Elk Call.   Price 
  CallMasters Hyper Hot Cow Elk Call.    

CallMasters Hyper Hot Cow Elk Call.

A revolutionary calling discovery! This excited cow breeding call brings trophy bulls on the run. Custom hardwood body and lanyard. If you're serious about elk, you've got to have this call.

Mfg Number: CM194

 1: $15.99 

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 CM11146P   CallMasters Lost Fawn MA-MAH Deer Call   Price 
  CallMasters Lost Fawn MA-MAH Deer Call    

The Lost Fawn Ma-Mah does not produce the usual SCREAMING fawn distress stuff! Instead, it produces a softer and less emotional Ma-Mah sound of a fawn saying "I'm lost, where are you?"

This new sound can be used by hunters from opening day right up to the peak of rut with such consistent results with both bucks and does that it should almost be deemed illegal!

Plus, since it's not a distress call, deer walk in calmly with their defenses shut down. Another benefit to the Lost Fawn Ma-Mah is that it won't spook deer, because the message it sends doesn't express danger or a threat. However, we must warn users to be ready when they cry Ma-Mah, because the action happens quickly!

- New Technique: Lost "Ma-Mah" cries calls bucks and does.
- Inhale & exhale dual reed tone
- Soft inhale for young "Spotted Fawn" Sounds
- Soft exhales make older fawn calls
- Ideal for bowhunters

Mfg Number: CM146

 1: $12.99 

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 CM14078P   CallMasters OutBurst Hog Talker All-In-One Call   Price 
  CallMasters OutBurst Hog Talker All-In-One Call    

CallMasters OutBurst Hog Talker All-In-One Call

• Makes deep guttural feeding and male breeding grunts.
• Produces soft social association grunts to call'em close.
• Side mounted reed makes social and distress squeals.
• Adjustable to produce both adult hog and young pig calls.
• Tested and proven: New calling methods that work!

Creates Excitement! Plus, It's Fun, Effective and Easy to Use.

Mfg Number: CM078

 1: $17.99 

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 CM14079P   CallMasters Ragin Coon Squaller Call   Price 
  CallMasters Ragin Coon Squaller Call    

CallMasters Ragin Coon Squaller Call

• Dual reeds for greater volume
• Makes Fightin' Cries of Coons
• Etxra Loud, Extra Shrill and Raspy

Mfg Number: CM079

 1: $12.99 

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 CM13357P   CallMasters Screamin Peacock - Woodpecker.   Price 
  CallMasters Screamin Peacock - Woodpecker.    

CallMasters Screamin Peacock - Woodpecker.

• Makes turkeys shock gobble all day, in all directions.
• Peacock Screams work when nothing else does.
• It's Loud, It's easy, It's effective and it's proven!
• Makes the screams of Peacocks & war whoops of Woodpeckers.

Mfg Number: CM357

 1: $11.99 

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 CM12460P   CallMasters Screamin Red Dog Howler   Price 
  CallMasters Screamin Red Dog Howler    

Howler & Yiker With Detachable Crier


  • Extra-Wide Reed for the Most Realistic Coyote Sounds Ever!
  • Narrow Tube for Shrill Notes!
  • Detachable Mouthpiece for Distressed Pup and Wounded Varmint Cries.
  • Extra LOUD Volume for Extra Long Distance Calling.

Also known as the "Bounty Hunter Howler"

Mfg Number: CM460

 1: $12.99 

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 CM12089P   CallMasters Screamin' Mag 3 Predator call   Price 
  CallMasters Screamin' Mag 3 Predator call    

CallMasters Screamin' Mag 3 Predator call

The Mag 3 features LOUD Cottontail crier when you exhale into the body end of the call, a loud brassy Jackrabbit when you blow into the plug end and a shrill Rodent reed that is side-mounted for close range mousing and coaxing. Everything you need in a single compact Multi-Reed caller designed to reach out and draw predator in close!

Mfg Number: CM089


 1: $13.99 

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 CM12065P   Callmasters Screamin' Mini 3 Hands Free Predator Calls   Price 
  Callmasters Screamin' Mini 3 Hands Free Predator Calls    

Features: Jackrabbit for Brassy Tones. Cottontail for Medium Coarse Cries. Rodent for Shrill Squeaks and Squeals. Compact and Convenient, VERY LOUD!

Mfg Number: CM065 

 1: $18.99 

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 CM11167P   CallMasters Super Grunt N Wheeze Deer Call   Price 
  CallMasters Super Grunt N Wheeze Deer Call    

CallMasters Super Grunt N Wheeze Deer Call

• The most aggressive deer sound known to wildlife researchers.
• Seamless inhale/exhale Grunt to Wheeze or Wheeze to Grunt calls.
• Growling aggravated Buck Grunts by Inhaling.
• Sizzling Snorts, Sniffs, Sniff-Wheezes by exhaling.
• Extra-Loud and very realistic! Soft Body, Won't Freeze.

Mfg Number: CM169

 1: $15.99 

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 CM11170P   CallMasters Super Hot Ma Mah & Bellow Deer Call.   Price 
  CallMasters Super Hot Ma Mah & Bellow Deer Call.    

CallMasters Super Hot Ma Mah & Bellow Deer Call.

• Exhale for Young Sexy Doe "Ma-Mah- Call bucks and does.
• Inhale for urgent Old Doe "Ma-Mah"- Demands bucks attention.
• Inhale for short Soft Doe breeding Blats - To coax bucks closer.
• Inhale & Exhale for the Famous Hot Doe Breeding Bellow.
• Ultra soft body and crushable Auto-Tune Megaphone makes calling easy.

Mfg Number: CM170

 1: $18.99 

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