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 AW3176P   A-Way Dual Grunter Deer Call Vista Camo   Price 
  A-Way Dual Grunter Deer Call Vista Camo    

A-Way Dual Grunter Deer Call Vista Camo

Designed for the gun and bow hunter. Can be used as a 100% hands free call attaching to the hunter exactly like the Bowgrunter, or hand held as a standard lanyard call. We had a number of gun hunters looking for the authentic sounds and tonal qualities of the Bowgrunter Plus in an easy to use hand held call. Used in the 100% hands free set up, the Dual Grunter attaches to the body identically to the Bowgrunter Plus. Call has four settings: Fawn, Doe, Buck, and Dominant buck.

Mfg Number: 10063

 1: $16.99 

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