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 WES33062   Weston 16" Pro Meat Saw.   Price 
  Weston 16" Pro Meat Saw.    

Weston 16" Pro Meat Saw.

Butcher meat saw that is 16" and is stainless steel. 

Mfg Number: 47-1601

 1: $26.99 

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 WES80312   Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer   Price 
  Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer    

A great tool for hunters and gardeners, the Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer makes a great choice for those who want their harvest sealed and protected the right way, wherever they are. This feature packed vacuum sealer offers a portable design with the versatility of using 110V AC or 12V DC power, so it can work wherever you are. This powerful sealer helps you protect meat, fish, vegetables, or fruits from freezer burn and spoilage. Powered by a 110 watt motor, the Harvest Guard's powerful 22.5hg pump delivers a sure vacuum locked in by the sealer's 2mm seal bar that seals bags up to 11" wide. Sealer offers adjustable seal time for great control, pulse mode for sealing moist or delicate foods, seal- only mode for making bags from rolled material, and a separate accessory port and accessory mode for use with canisters. Comes with a rear-mounted handle and 12V adapter for use in autos or boats.

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Mfg Number: 65 1101-W

 1: $129.99 

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 WES47450   Weston Jerky & Snack Stick Gun.   Price 
  Weston Jerky & Snack Stick Gun.    

Weston Jerky & Snack Stick Gun.

Makes jerky and snack stick making effortless and enjoyable. Includes (2) tubes which hold 1.5 lbs. of meat each. Features easy squeeze trigger. Includes funnel and stomper for reloading tubes, double jerky strip attachment, double snack stick attachment, sausage funnel, and 2 piece cleaning brush set.

Mfg Number: 37-0101-RT

 1: $56.99 

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 WES8097P   Weston Natural Hog Casing 3oz   Price 
  Weston Natural Hog Casing 3oz    

Preferred by professional butchers. Great for bratwurst and Italian sized sausages.
Packaged in Weston zipper seals vacuum bag. Edible.

Mfg Number: 19-0301-W 6X

 1: $8.99 

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 WES8083P   Weston Non-Stick 3 Tier Jerky Drying Rack & Baking Pan   Price 
  Weston Non-Stick 3 Tier Jerky Drying Rack & Baking Pan    

Drying racks measure 16-3/4" x 14" for over 700 square inches of drying/cooling space.
Drying rack legs collapse for compact storage.

Mfg Number: 07-0155-W 6X

 1: $49.99 

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 WES33061   Weston Single Burger Press with Ejector Button   Price 
  Weston Single Burger Press with Ejector Button    

Weston Single Burger Press with Ejector Button

Compacting/ejector button compacts the patty tightly then pops back up for quick patty removal, adjustable patty thickness with a patty diameter of 4 1/2", heavy-duty aluminum construction, non-stick coating, 5" x 8" x 5.5"

Mfg Number: 07-0310-W

 1: $21.99 

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 WES48974   Weston Sportsmans Advantage Vacuum Sealer 215W 11in Wide   Price 
  Weston Sportsmans Advantage Vacuum Sealer 215W 11in Wide    

215watt motor (120volt/60hz), single piston vacuum-pump delivers 22.5in HG vacuum strength, easy-to-use back lit control panel, fan cooled motor prevents overheating, 3mm seal bar accepts bags up to 11in wide, automatic mode for one- touch vacuum-to-seal operation, marinate mode features two marinating speeds, can control vacuum pressure, includes 15 bonus vacuum bags: (5) pint-6in x10in, (5) quart-8in x12in, & (5) gallon-11in x16in, includes RTAP camo storage cover.

Mfg Number: 65-0501-RT/2

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 1: $171.99 

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