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 FG62759   Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy.   Price 
  Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy.    

Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy.

Non-intimidating decoy design, triggers instinctive aggressive behavior, lures all ages of gobblers, small size sparks fights 

Mfg Number: FGDCOY-00310


 1: $29.99 

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 FG80868   Flextone Thunder Chick Decoy Feeding Hen   Price 
  Flextone Thunder Chick Decoy Feeding Hen    

With a low-head feeding position, and a contented head, body and feather positioning, this decoy keeps other turkeys calm.

Mfg Number: FG-DCOY-00314


 1: $36.99 

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 FG80867   Flextone Thunder Chick Decoy Upright Hen   Price 
  Flextone Thunder Chick Decoy Upright Hen    

Designed to look like a hen turkey standing upright. Realistic paint scheme, and high-head position signifies dominance to the gobbler.

Mfg Number: FG-DCOY-00315


 1: $36.99 

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 FG73049   Flextone Thunder Chicken 1/4 Strut Decoy   Price 
  Flextone Thunder Chicken 1/4 Strut Decoy    

Flextone Thunder Chicken 1/4 Strut Decoy

Compact design strutting gobbler decoy for easy carry. Includes a folding jake fan and metal stake for easy insertion in the ground. Includes Funky Chicken DVD.

Mfg Number: FG-DCOY-00313

 1: $34.99 

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 FG80866   Flextone Thunder Creeper Decoy   Price 
  Flextone Thunder Creeper Decoy    

Portable, and ultra-realistic paint and body features draw the bird in close. It can be paired with the included turkey fan, or your own real turkey fan.

Mfg Number: FG-DCOY-00316


 1: $46.99 

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