Easton XX75 Tribute 1416 Raw Shafts, 12Pk.

Easton XX75 Tribute 1416 Raw Shafts, 12Pk.

Tribute is a target shaft - durable, accurate and economical. Tribute is the stepping stone to high performance for any beginning or shorter draw lighter poundage archer.

7075 aerospace alloy. Hard-anodized black finish. Guaranteed straightness .005". Weight tolerance 2%.

Size 1416: Accepts 7/32" Conventional Nock, 7.2 grains per inch, 27" Stock Length.

These Shafts Do Not Come with Nocks or any other component, Easton Does Not Include Them

**We do not have inserts for 1416 shafts. 

Available Options:
Cut To Length: Arrow Length(+$2.50)
Shaft Options: