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 EN63844   Easton Bubba Buoy Fish Arrow   Price 
  Easton Bubba Buoy Fish Arrow    

Easton Bubba Buoy Fish Arrow

Durable fibergalss shaft comes complete with the versatile AMS Chaos Bowfishing Point with patent-pending heat-treated Cyclone tip. Specially formed barbs create a smaller entry hole and pivot from side to side to better hold fish and requires less penetration to engage. Specially designed spiraled flats aid penetration and add strength. Comes equipped with the AMS Safety Slide System.

  • High-visibility bright white fiberglass shaft
  • AMS Safety Slide/ Slide Stop installed
  • Chaos double-barbed steel point and nock -included
  • Tip-release barbs
  • Patent-pending heat-treated Cyclone tip
  • 1 Arrow
  • Made in the USA
  • Shaft Only Length 32"
  • Shaft Only Weight 37.9 Grains per Inch
  • Total Assembled Weight 1540 Grains

Mfg Number: 925204

 1: $25.99 

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 EN63845   Easton FMJ Bowfishing Arrow   Price 
  Easton FMJ Bowfishing Arrow    

Easton FMJ Bowfishing Arrow

Highly advanced dual-material construction makes Full Metal Jacket different than all the other bowfishing arrows.

FMJ is a fiberglass shaft jacketed in Easton's 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum. Dual material construction is superior through water and provides a deadly pass-through at impact. Tipped with AMS Mayhem Points with Cyclone tips, specialized barbs lay flat for shooting and spread upon impact to 2.5" total expanded holding area. Cyclone tips are made of heat-treated 400 series stainless steel and are spiraled for better penetration and strength. Release barbs with three turns of the shaft. Great for all fish, deeper water and heavier draw weights. Comes equipped with the AMS Safety Slide System.

  • Dual material construction-Full Metal Jacketed Fiberglass
  • Mayhem double-barbed steel point with patent-pending heat-treated Cyclone Tip
  • Shaft-rotate barb release
  • Made in the USA
  • Shaft Only is 32"
  • Shafts Only Weight is 27.3 Grain per Inch
  • Total Assembled Weight 1340 grains

Mfg Number:  625205

 1: $33.99 

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