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Dead Down Wind

 DDW38512   Dead Down Wind Bino Hooker Harness   Price 
  Dead Down Wind Bino Hooker Harness    

Dead Down Wind Bino Hooker Harness

The ONLY bino system with a stabilizing back strap and unique features built in adding a level of comfort and stability that you can feel as soon as you put it on. It eliminates the problems with stretch and stability whether you are crossing a fence or moving
at a fast pace to get into position. Significantly enhanced ergonomics and features you just won’t find in other bino systems. We added two stretch connectors so you can add a cleaning cloth, calls or lightweight accessories right to the harness for fast and easy access in the field. The reinforced neoprene primary straps cushion for comfort, eliminates stretch and adds stability to the entire
system. Simply said, the Bino Hooker sets a new standard for comfort and performance.

Mfg Number: 3050


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