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 RAV76732   Ravin Arrow Nocks   Price 
  Ravin Arrow Nocks    

High impact Ravin engineered polymer nocks are designed to lock into Ravin’s Trac-Trigger Firing System. For use only on Ravin crossbow arrows.

Mfr. #R131

 1: $12.99 

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 RAV76723   Ravin Arrows 6 Pack   Price 
  Ravin Arrows 6 Pack    • High strength 100% pure carbon construction
• For use with Ravin crossbow only
• Includes Ravin polymer nocks and threaded brass insert
• Sold as a 6 pack
 1: $69.99 

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 RAV76730   Ravin Cocking Handle   Price 
  Ravin Cocking Handle    

Designed specifically for Ravin Crossbows. Mounts on either side of the stock for left or right handed use.

Mfr. #R210

 1: $79.99 

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 RAV76727   Ravin Crossbow Press   Price 
  Ravin Crossbow Press    

The only bow press approved for use on the Ravin crossbow. Allows changing of string and cables, or other services.

Mfr. #R140

 1: $249.99 

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 RAV76726   Ravin Illuminated Scope   Price 
  Ravin Illuminated Scope    

Features a variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 300 and 425 FPS. Nine aiming dots are calibrated for 20-100 yards with a wide field of view. Features rheostat controlled, illuminated colored dots (red or green). Fully multi-coated optics are fog proof and shock proof. Includes flip up protective lens caps and scope rings.

Mfr. #R170

 1: $299.99 

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 RAV77175   Ravin Limb Dampeners   Price 
  Ravin Limb Dampeners    

These limb dampeners reduce vibration and noise. Quick and easy to install. UV and weather resistant.

Mfr. #R270

 1: $29.99 

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 RAV12100   Ravin Predator R9 Crossbow Predator Camo   Price 
  Ravin Predator R9 Crossbow Predator Camo    The Ravin Crossbow has a sleek rifle-like design. With an axle-to-axle measurement of a mere 6 inches at full draw, this makes the Ravin Crossbow significantly smaller and narrower than most crossbows on the market. Features a built in cocking device with removable handle and anti-dry fire device. Arrows do not contact the rail during the shot, which eliminates friction and cam lean. Lightweight trigger breaks cleanly at only 2 lbs. Offers a combination of speed, power and accuracy. Comes fully assembled Speed: 390 FPS, Draw Weight: 195 lbs., Axle to Axle: 10.5" (uncocked), Power Stroke: 13", Overall Length: 34.5", Mass Weight: 6.9 lbs. Includes (6) Ravin Arrows, Cocking Aid Handle, Quiver, and Illuminated scope.  1: $1,499.99 

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 RAV76729   Ravin Quick Detach Quiver   Price 
  Ravin Quick Detach Quiver    

Features a unique new mounting system allowing for vertical positioning and optimized balance. It securely holds mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads. The quick detach base allows for fast and easy installation and removal. The mounting bracket is used to store the Ravin quiver and also the crossbow cocking handle.

Mfr. #R200

 1: $49.99 

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 RAV76725   Ravin Soft Case   Price 
  Ravin Soft Case    

This heavy duty, soft-sided padded case is designed to protect your Ravin Crossbow from damage. Comfortably stores a fully assembled Ravin Crossbow with mounted scope, quiver and bolts for quick and easy access. Other features include inside and outside pouches to safely store your quiver, binoculars, and other accessories. Heavy duty handles and a backpack-style straps for easy transport.

Mfr. #R180 

 1: $99.99 

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 RAV76731   Ravin String and Cable Set   Price 
  Ravin String and Cable Set    

Replacement string and cable set for the Ravin R9 crossbow.

Mfr. #R190

 1: $99.99 

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 RAV76728   Ravin Tac Head Bi Pod   Price 
  Ravin Tac Head Bi Pod    

The spring loaded quick-detach Ravin Bi-Pod is lightweight, compact and durable. Attaches to any Picatinny rail.

Mfr. #R150

 1: $29.99 

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 RAV77174   Ravin Tac Head Bi-Pod XL   Price 
  Ravin Tac Head Bi-Pod XL    

The Tachead Bi-pod features lightweight, compact durable construction, spring loaded quick detach and one hand use. Attaches to any picatinny rail.

Mfr. #R160

 1: $129.99 

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