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 TT64314   Trigger Tech Single Stage Mission Trigger   Price 
  Trigger Tech Single Stage Mission Trigger    

Single stage trigger for all Mission crossbows. Features a 2.5 lb. release weight, sear blocking anti-dry fire and an auto-safe that engages as the trigger sets. Includes all needed fasteners, transfer bars and levers and detailed instructions on how to install.

Mfr. #201


 1: $179.99 

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 TT63579   TriggerTech Single Stage 2.5 Crossbow Trigger Excalibur   Price 
  TriggerTech Single Stage 2.5 Crossbow Trigger Excalibur    

Unlike our high-end two-stage trigger that allows you to pre-load before shooting, the single stage trigger is set at the wall and ready to shoot, uses a roller action to achieve the predictable, smooth, and clean frictionless release at 2.5- lbs., perfect for those looking for a simplified, quick and affordable upgrade over their factory trigger. Fits all Excalibur crossbows including the Matrix series.

Mfr. #3 

 1: $149.99 

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 TT63580   TriggerTech Straight Lever Only Matrix and Standard Stocks   Price 
  TriggerTech Straight Lever Only Matrix and Standard Stocks    

TriggerTech Straight Lever Only Matrix and Standard Stocks

Straight down lever fits the following bows: Matrix Series, Exomax, Exocet, Axiom, Phoenix, and the Vixen ll.

Mfr. #31 

 1: $19.99 

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 TT63581   TriggerTech Swept Forward Lever Only Vortex/Equinox   Price 
  TriggerTech Swept Forward Lever Only Vortex/Equinox    

Swept forward lever that is for the following bows: Equinox, Vortex, Eclipse, and the Ibex.

Mfr. #32

 1: $19.99 

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