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 DIA63041   Stryker Octane Thug Crossbow Decocking Bolt with Moon Nock   Price 
  Stryker Octane Thug Crossbow Decocking Bolt with Moon Nock    

The Thug is a decocking bolt designed to absorb the energy of impact while shooting your crossbow and minimizes dry fires.. The Thug won't penetrate, which means that you can reuse the same bolt to shoot into the ground without compromising your hunting bolts and broad heads. Compatible with any crossbow that requires a 20" bolt. Made from a thick walled 7075 aluminum construction shaft with an inner piston, that compresses to absorb the energy of the impact shot and, the Thug tip won't bury its self into the ground.

Mfg Number: 34240

 1: $24.99 

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 ST72928   Stryker Padded Sling   Price 
  Stryker Padded Sling    

Features heavy duty straps and non-slip grip for easy shoulder carry. Universal swivel connectors attach to any crossbow.


 1: $26.99 

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