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 BA47177   Bohning Lightning Lube   Price 
  Bohning Lightning Lube    

Bohning Lightning Lube.

Crossbow Rail Lube. Silicone based, non-toxic and non-flammable. Provides a protective film reducing friction and increasing the velocity of your crossbow bolts. Lightning Lube will not collect dirt and grit like some lubricants and is completely scent free. The "no mess" applicator allows smooth, even application. Fills all surface imperfections.

Mfg Number: 1363

 1: $8.99 

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 BA48330   Bohning Top Mount Crossbow Quiver Mounting System   Price 
  Bohning Top Mount Crossbow Quiver Mounting System    

Bohning Top Mount Crossbow Quiver Mounting System

This crossbow quiver mount can be attached to the sight rail of a crossbow without removing the scope. Works for either left or right handed shooters. Allows for parallel mounting of your quiver, which makes transporting easier and reduces forward weight on your crossbow.

Mfg Number: 801012

 1: $18.49 

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