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 COP14349P   COP High Five Scorcher Compound Bow Set 16-25in 16-29lbs RH Camo   Price 
  COP High Five Scorcher Compound Bow Set 16-25in 16-29lbs RH Camo    

High Five Scorcher Compound Bow Set 16-25in 16-29lbs RH Camo

Backstrap magnesium riser and Quarto quad limb design in the Flame-On camo pattern. Adjustable aluminum cams with 65 percent let-off. Bow has a 16"-25" draw length capability, no bow press needed to adjust draw length. DOA string stop system installed. Bow stocked 25" factory setting and 16-29 lbs. draw weight adjustments. Bow is Axle to Axle: 28.5", Brace Height: N/A Let-Off: 65 percent. Package Includes: Spider 2 piece quiver, 2 Flightright fiberglass arrows with vanes and pressed on points, adjustable arrow rest press, finger savers on string, 3-pin fiber optic sight system, HogNose peep system, armguard. Bow fits ages 10 and up. 

An additional $5.00 will be added to your order for O/S shipping. 

Mfg Number: 555

 1: $114.99 

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 COP4351P   Hunter Dan Booner GMax Compound Bow Set RH Green.   Price 
  Hunter Dan Booner GMax Compound Bow Set RH Green.    

This bow set is designed specifically for youth ages 8 and up with features geared to aid young archers.

26" kids compound bow for ages 8 and up, G-MAX fiberglass limb system with green composite riser, parallel limb design, finger-savers on string, see-thru riser design, awesome capture arrow rest, 65% let off, two fiberglass arrows with target tips, two piece quiver, arm guard with Velcro straps, built-in adjustable sight pins, 15-20 pounds Draw weight and 18" draw length. Right Hand.

Mfg Number: 155-BGX


 1: $69.99 

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 COP602   Hunter Dan High Five Arrows 3pk   Price 
  Hunter Dan High Five Arrows 3pk    

Hunter Dan High Five Arrows 3pk

3 pack arrows can be used as replacements for Hunter Dan and High Five manufacture bow sets. Arrows are fiberglass and come 3 fletched with 3" vanes, nocks glued for odd vane out and press on points and have a length of 26".

Mfg Number: 602-TAP

 1: $14.99 

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