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 ARROWSLICK   BowJax Arrow Slick 50 Arrow Lube Tube   Price 
  BowJax Arrow Slick 50 Arrow Lube Tube    BowJax Arrow Slick 50 Arrow Lube Tube

Arrow Slick 50 Lubricant - provides an hyper smooth durable thin protective film to your arrows. Will last an amazing 50 + shots before you need to re-apply. Outperforms competing arrow lubricants! Arrow Slick is based on anti-friction nano particle technology.

Arrow Slick 50 This product will make it easier for you to pull your arrows out of the target, and in turn you will enjoy target shooting a lot better! Arrow Slick has a shelf life of two years. Arrow Slick Instructions: Shake before using. Apply arrow slick to tip and 8 inches of shaft. Allow material to dry for 15 minutes. Remove excess with a dry cloth. For best results allow coating to cure for 12 hours before use. Please use the product as suggested for application for arrow lubricant.
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