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 BA78761   Bohning Alcohol Burner   Price 
  Bohning Alcohol Burner    

Alcohol burner holds 4 oz. of denatured alcohol. Ideal for installation of hot melt adhesives.

Mfg Number 1315


 1: $8.99 

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 BA1316   Bohning Alcohol Burner Wick   Price 
  Bohning Alcohol Burner Wick    

Replacement wick for the alcohol burner.

Mfg Number 1316


 1: $2.49 

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 BA78749   Bohning Complete Arrow Repair Kit   Price 
  Bohning Complete Arrow Repair Kit    

Get started repairing arrows with one handy kit. This kit includes a Blazer Helix Fletching Jig, Strip-Pro, packet of SSR arrow shaft cleaner, Deluxe Broadhead wrench, 3g tube of instant glue and a DVD with step by step instructions on arrow repair.

Mfg Number 601040


 1: $54.99 

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 BA68187   Bohning Dip Kit   Price 
  Bohning Dip Kit    

Bohning Dip Kit

The Bohning Dip kit includes 1 glass dip tube, 1 arrow hanger, 2 pints of white Acry-Lac & 2 pints of Clear Acry-Lac. Also includes the Dip n Plug ring.

Mfg Number 801094

Flammable- No Air or International shipments**

 1: $87.99 

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 BA1611   Bohning Feather Dri Powder.   Price 
  Bohning Feather Dri Powder.    Bohning Feather Dri Powder.

Water repellent powder for feathers. Simply shake feathers around in powder and go. Colorless, odorless and will not affect feather adhesion.
 1: $8.95 

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 BA47174   Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex.   Price 
  Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex.    

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex.

Low-temp hot melt for carbon shafts! Instant full strength set-up in cold water! The newest addition to the Bohning insert adhesive line. A super strong, low melt temp. adhesive specifically formulated for carbon arrows. Easy to apply. Heat reversible. 12 gram stick will do approximately 144 inserts.

Mfg Number: 1308

 1: $3.99 

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 BA80094   Bohning Fletching Tape 20 ft. Roll 3 pk.   Price 
  Bohning Fletching Tape 20 ft. Roll 3 pk.    

Replacement fletching tape rolls for Bohning Fletching Tape Dispenser. One 20 ft. roll fletches over a dozen arrows with 5” fletching.


Mfg Number 801091

 1: $13.99 

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 BA80093   Bohning Fletching Tape Dispenser   Price 
  Bohning Fletching Tape Dispenser    

Automatically separates the backing from the fletching tape for easy use. Refillable design accepts 20 ft. tape rolls (sold separately). One 20 ft. roll fletches over a dozen arrows with 5” fletching.

Mfg Number 801090

 1: $15.99 

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 BA13192   Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 20Pk.   Price 
  Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 20Pk.    

Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 20Pk.

Apply Bohning clamp release tape to all fletching jig clamps to prevent adhesive build up. Helps provide cleaner finished arrow. 20 pieces.

Mfg Number: 13192


 1: $19.99 

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 BA13601319   Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 2Pk.   Price 
  Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 2Pk.    

Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 2Pk. 

Pair of teflon laminated tapes to be applied to fletching clamps to prevent adhesives from adhering to clamps. Silver color.

Mfg Number: 1319

 1: $2.99 

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 BA47173   Bohning Limoxyl Prep.   Price 
  Bohning Limoxyl Prep.    

Bohning Limoxyl Prep.

Limoxyl serves a dual purpose: To remove wrap residue and prep the shaft for fletching in one easy step! Spray stripped shaft with Limoxyl to remove the sticky arrow wrap residue. The shaft is now ready for fletching or re-wrapping. Increases adhesion with both Bohning Platinum and quick set glues, such as Bohning Quantum XT.

Mfg Number: 1152

 1: $12.99 

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 BA68155   Bohning Professional Cresting Kit.   Price 
  Bohning Professional Cresting Kit.    

Introducing the new Bohning Crester! Many improvements have been made to ensure the new crester is the top of the line custom archery tool. The kit will include 1 Crester, 6-1oz. jars of Acry-Lac paint (black, re, yellow, blue, silver and gold), & 4 paint brushes (hairline, 1/8", 1/4", 1/2").

Versatile anodized rail system allows for easy tuning & a variety of cresting configurations. Flip-down upper pattern rest. Easily reverses for both English and metric units. Convenient 1oz. paint jar storage behind rail. Solid hardwood base. Space to store your brushes when not in use. Variable speed- Find the perfect rotational speed every time.

US power supplies.

Mfg Number 801083

Flammable - No Air or International shipments******

 1: $169.99 

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 BA1155   Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner.   Price 
  Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner.    

Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner.

A high strength cleaner designed for today's new anodizing processes. Degreases and prepares aluminum and carbon shafts. Just add hot tap water to activate powder. Not for use on wood shafts.

*More Information
SSR cleans as well as degreases shafts.
To prepare shafts: Allow shaft to soak in SSR for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with HOT tap water (be sure to remove all SSR or else the paint/vanes will not adhere). Air dry.

Mfg Number: 1155

 1: $6.99 

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 BA68186   Bohning SSR Shaker Bottle 4 oz.   Price 
  Bohning SSR Shaker Bottle 4 oz.    

Bohning SSR Shaker Bottle 4 oz.

• Concentrated cleaning powder, just mix with water
• Removes dirt, grease, residue and contaminates from arrow surface for maximum fletch adhesion
• For use on carbon and aluminum shafts

Mfg Number: 801050

 1: $9.99 

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 BA27232   Bohning Stripper For Vanes.   Price 
  Bohning Stripper For Vanes.    

Bohning Stripper For Vanes.

A preformed channel keeps your shaft properly positioned for the maximum cutting angle. The easy-grip handle make stripping your shaft a breeze, and the contoured surgical steel blade provides years of use and is safe for use on all types of shafts. Always clean shafts prior to fletching.

Mfg Number: 1524

 1: $12.99 

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 BA80092   Bohning The Strip Pro   Price 
  Bohning The Strip Pro    

• 2 blades for ergonomic versatility
• Easily strip your arrow shaft of fletching and arrow wraps
• Heavy duty plastic handle and steel blade

Mfg Number: 801025LM

 1: $14.99 

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 BA801026   Bohning The Strip Pro Blades, 3Pk   Price 
  Bohning The Strip Pro Blades, 3Pk    

• Designed specifically for the Bohning Strip-Pro
• 3 pack

Mfg Number: 801026

 1: $7.49 

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 BA15240   Bohning Vane Stripper Tool Replacement Blades 3Pk.   Price 
  Bohning Vane Stripper Tool Replacement Blades 3Pk.    

Bohning Vane Stripper Tool Replacement Blades 3Pk.

A three pack of replacement blades for the vane stripper. Simply hit the edge of the stripper against the edge of your work surface, pull the two halves apart and carefully replace the blade. Works great to remove vanes and arrow wraps.

Mfg Number: 15240

 1: $5.99 

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