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 MAD480P   M.A.D. Max Blind 36" Infinity Camo   Price 
  M.A.D. Max Blind 36" Infinity Camo    

M.A.D. Max Blind 36" Infinity 

Compact, lightweight design is ideal for the run and gun style hunter.

  • Mossy Oak Infinity 3-D leafy material
  • Use the "V" Section as shooting sticks for steady aim
  • Extremely portable- Collapsible design fits in most backpacks
  • Light enough to be picked up while open for quick reposition
  • Sets up in 10 seconds
  • Opens up to 36"

Mfg Number: MD-480

An additional $5.00 will be added to your order for O/S shipping.

 1: $36.99 

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