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 OMP29434BIN   Mountain Man Super Rest RH   Price 
  Mountain Man Super Rest RH    

Mountain Man Super Rest RH 

Stick-on style rest features a self adhesive tape backing, and spacer foam is included for center-shot risers.

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 RAGE32017   Rage 40 KE 2 Blade 100gr 1.5" Broadhead 3Pk.   Price 
  Rage 40 KE 2 Blade 100gr 1.5" Broadhead 3Pk.    

Rage 40 KE 2 Blade 100gr 1.5" Broadhead 3Pk.

In flight, Rage's streamlined 3/4" diameter along with its HexFlat design, make it fly like a field tip. Upon impact, the SlipCam initiates and the blades deploy from the rear. Upon Entry, blades are fully deployed for a full 1.5"+ cutting diameter!

40ke- 40 ft. lbs. Kinetic Energy- Designed for those with short draw lengths and/or light draw weights who generate less than 40 foot pounds of kinetic energy. The more forgiving blade angle of the RAGE 40KE, which has a cutting diameter for 1.5" assures greater penetration at lower kinetic energies.


Mfg Number: 34000


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 LS3272DH   Sims Enhancer 2000 Camo   Price 
  Sims Enhancer 2000 Camo    

Sims Enhancer 2000 Camo

The enhancer 2000 for both compound and recurve bows, virtually eliminates bow jump and reduces noise and vibration. Offers a rigid mount to incorporate accessories such as LimbSaver Modular Stabilizer System, LimbSaver Stabilizer Enhancer etc. The Enhancer 2000 is made with our proprietary NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material.

  • Length: 3"
  • Diameter: 2.25"
  • Weight: 5.2 oz.
  • Virtually eliminates bow jump while reducing noise and vibration.

Mfg Number: 3272

 1: $24.99 

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