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 ASAT48785   ASAT The Reaper Blind 58"x58"x75" 18lb.   Price 
  ASAT The Reaper Blind 58"x58"x75" 18lb.    

ASAT The Reaper Blind 58"x58"x75" 18lb.

Blind utilizes a leading edge hub style system that allows the unit to be set up or taken down in about 30 seconds. The camo pattern allows you to blend into almost any area deep woods area, outside wood line or corn fields. Shoot-through windows eliminate the hassle of opening a window when game is in range. Blind is 58" square and approximately 75" in height in center of blind that allows hunter's to shoot from a standing position. Water resistant fabric keeps you dry in a light rain and keeps you out of the wind. Weighs 18 pounds.

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