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American Hunter

 AH64633   American Hunter 6V Battery F-Tab   Price 
  American Hunter 6V Battery F-Tab    

6 volt 4.5 amp F-tab battery. Commonly used for game feeders, motorized ducks, game calls, headlights and spotlights.

Mfg Number: DE-30053

 1: $13.99 

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 AH28314   American Hunter 6V Rechargeable Battery 6V   Price 
  American Hunter 6V Rechargeable Battery 6V    
American Hunter 6V Rechargeable Battery 6V  
Deep cycle, sealed lead acid battery is a 6 volt 4.5 Amp Hr battery and can be mounted in any position. Discharges more deeply and recovers more fully than the standard models.

Mfg Number: DE-30053

 1: $13.99 

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 AH30032   American Hunter 6V Solar Charger R-Kit/RD-Kit   Price 
  American Hunter 6V Solar Charger R-Kit/RD-Kit    
American Hunter 6V Solar Charger R-Kit/RD-Kit
6 volt solar charger for R-Kit, RD-Kit, and Pro Series Kits. Converts sunlight into electric power for charging a 6 volt rechargeable battery. Maintenance free, weatherproof, rust proof, and corrosive resistant. No exposed wires.

Mfg Number: BL-R680-S

 1: $21.99 

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 AH71148   American Hunter Collapsible Bag Feeder 11.2gal Digital Timer   Price 
  American Hunter Collapsible Bag Feeder 11.2gal Digital Timer    
The collapsible 11.2 gallon feeder bag is constructed of heavy duty nylon. Features a digital clock feeder with an adjustable feed rate from 1 to 30 seconds, can feed 1 to 16 times per day and can feed different days of the week. Centrifugal spin force allows 4 hinged doors to open allowing feed to spread up to a 20 foot perimeter. Collapses down to less than 10” high for compact portability. Operates on a 6V 4.5Ah SLA Tab Top battery (not included).

An Additional Charge For Oversized Shipping Will Appear On Your Bill For $10.00 When Purchasing This Item.
Mfg Number: AH-BAGKIT
 1: $56.99 

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 AH77132   American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit   Price 
  American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit    
Digital clock feeder featuring an adjustable feed rate of 1 to 30 seconds. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day or can feed different days of the week. Folds down to less than 10". Powered by 8 AA batteries.

Mfg Number: AH-AADK

 1: $34.99 

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 AH64039   American Hunter Directional Timer Kit   Price 
  American Hunter Directional Timer Kit    

Features heavy-duty directional shroud casts feed in a 30 degree distribution area. Ideal for fishing feeding applications or placing feed on a specific game trail. Can feed different days of the week. Fits almost any feed container. Digital clock timer and guard make set-up quick and easy. Requires 6 Volt spring SLA top battery, (not included). Recommended battery (item #28314)

Mfg Number: AH-DF1

 1: $59.99 

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 AH30028   American Hunter Econo Feeder, Photo Cell   Price 
  American Hunter Econo Feeder, Photo Cell    

American Hunter E-Kit Economy Feeder Kit w/Photo Cell Timer E-Kit 

Feeder kit with photocell technology allows feeing at day light and again up to 12 hours later. Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec), galvanized metal, powder coated black metal downspout, high torque motor. Operates on one 6 volt spring top battery (not included).  High torque motor. Does Not Include Bucket- it is easy to install with your bucket or drum.

Mfg Number: 30581

 1: $24.99 

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 AH64038   American Hunter Sun Slinger Feeder Kit   Price 
  American Hunter Sun Slinger Feeder Kit    

Features a built-in solar panel. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day. Can feed different days of the week. Easy touch digital timer makes set-up quick and easy. Requires 6 Volt rechargeable battery (not included). Includes built-in 6 Volt solar charger and mounting brackets. 

An additional $8.00 will be added to your order for O/S shipping.

Mfg Number: 30580

 1: $62.99 

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 AH77133   Americn Hunter Swine Shine Hog Light   Price 
  Americn Hunter Swine Shine Hog Light    
Swine Shine Hog Light features 36 green LED's, 360 degree PIR motion sensor, CDS light sensor and 180 seconds of light per triggering. High, medium and low light power modes. Weather resistant ABS housing can handle extreme temperatures. Includes universal mounting plate, 4 mounting screws and 3M VHB all weather permanent mounting tape.

Mfg Number: AH-HOGLITE

 1: $38.99 

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