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Bowhunters International was founded in 2005 in Wellsville Pennsylvania, a small town located in the countryside of York County.  It is no coincidence that Bowhunters located here, it is the site of the former "Bowhunters Warehouse".

Our family has been in the archery business since 1962 with Trojan Sport Center and North American Sporting Goods in Rouzerville, PA. Our Family sold Trojan and moved to Wellsville, PA in 1973.  Fred J. Hughes Jr., founded Bowhunters Warehouse on our family farm in 1975 and after 6 tiring years he sold the company to my brother Shaun and two other gentlemen in 1981. In 1996 Shaun sold his stake in the business.  Soon after, the business closed and all remaining items were sold at a sale in 2001 and the buildings went into a state of disrepair.

We have completely redone the original buildings and showroom located in Wellsville, and many of the old employees of the Bowhunters Warehouse are employed here.  

Our philosophy was and always will be, "To offer a complete line of Archery Equipment at low prices, and to provide excellent customer service".We are please to offer our website for ordering your items.

We also invite you to order online or to call our toll free line at 1-800-745-4296. Please fax orders to 717-432-8947. We stock every item that is in our catalog or website at our  40,000 s.f. modern Warehouse in Wellsville.

Feel confident that when you call, you are ordering from a company that can send your order direct from our warehouse. Or if you can visit our 12,000 square foot showroom that is fully stocked with over 8,000 items, including Bowtech, Diamond, Reflex, Fred Bear, Ross, PSE, Martin, Browning, and many others.

We offer further discounts to Club's and have a separate Dealer pricing schedule. **

You might notice that Bowhunters offers very good pricing on Apple Archery Products. This comes as no coincidence as Mr. Hughes is the founder and inventor of the Apple Archery brand name and products. We feel confident in Apple Products quality and encourage everyone to get involved in working on their own equipment.

Please call us at 1-800-745-4296 for more information on setting up as a Dealer or Club Buyer.